Aqua Plus LLC is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to safely perform all of your pool equipment service needs (TICL# 731). Our technicians are extensively trained in pool maintenance and repair.

Planned Maintenance

From cleaning filters to replacing seals, our service technicians are able to help keep your pool in proper working condition. Planned maintenance helps you know as a customer what is occurring with your pool and can help you avoid emergency repair.

Emergency Repair

Sometimes emergencies happen! From a heater not functioning to cracked plumbing, we are able to quickly diagnose the issue and repair the problem.  

Pool Inspections for Home Buyers

Purchasing a home is an exciting experience! Part of the process is having a home inspection. This helps you know any potential issues with your home and to make sure it is in good condition. Your pool is also part of the investment and unknown issues can be very expensive to repair. Be prepared by also having your pool inspection prior to purchasing your new home!

Please contact us to discuss the specific needs of your pool!

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